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Greetings!  My name is Barry.
I love making music, especially playing the guitar.

Finding a comfortable playing position has always been a challenge for me. Whether standing and using a strap, or sitting with the guitar on my leg, something was always ergonomically off. No matter the position, some combination of neck, shoulder, back, and wrist was going to be uncomfortable. This limited my ability to practice and hindered my progress.

I tried every support and playing aid I could find like the leg pillow, foot stools, stands, and body straps, yet nothing worked. I asked guitar teachers, other musicians, web forums, and PTs, but found no good solution. Along the way, I learned that many other people have this exact problem too.

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Making music should feel good!

Early Guitar Prop Prototype 5
Early Guitar Prop Prototype 3
Early Guitar Prop Prototype 1
Early Guitar Prop Prototype 4
Early Guitar Prop Prototype 2

As an engineer-nerd, I decided to figure out a solution and hopefully help lots of fellow guitar players have a much more comfortable and enjoyable experience playing the guitar. That way, the world can hear more of your awesome music!

To get the basic design concept, prototypes were made with parts laying around like furniture feet, ski poles, mousepads, aero bar rests, and yoga mats.

Eventually, a working design was found and 3D printed samples were given to friends and music teachers for feedback. Lots of iterations happened until the day testers said it’s exactly what they were looking for.

and… Guitar Prop was born