Guitar Prop

Guitar Prop positions the guitar right where you want it for the greatest playing comfort. Your wrist, shoulders, and back can relax with the ergo-friendly positioning and the guitar’s weight is transferred to the chair, not your neck.


Guitar Prop adjustments for height and tilt

Slightly loosen the height and tilt adjustments so that the support can move up, move down, and pivot.

Guitar Prop ergonomic comfortable setup

Sit on a flat chair with Guitar Prop between or outside your legs.

Using a strap may be helpful in finding the ideal height and position.

Strive for a neutral back, fretting wrist not bent, comfortable strumming position, and both feet on the floor.

Guitar Prop ergonomic comfortable setup complete

Adjust Guitar Prop to support the guitar in your ideal position and then tighten the knobs.

The guitar should rest securely on the Guitar Prop without the strap’s support.

Remove the strap and play comfortably!

Experiment! If you have been playing in an awkward position for years, sitting in a neutral and ergo-happy posture will feel weird at first. Try Guitar Prop in different positions and find your most comfortable playing setup.

Happy Users!

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